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LMS Patrons lead a joint letter to save the Traditional Mass

PRESS RELEASE – Latin Mass Society Patrons lead a joint letter to save the Traditional Mass

The Latin Mass Society welcomes the intervention of 48 prominent figures of culture, academia, and politics, including Catholics and non-Catholics, in a letter to The Times published today, in support of the Traditional Mass.

The letter appeals to the value of the ancient Mass both as a cultural artefact—‘a cathedral of text and gesture’—and an irreplaceable spiritual treasure, with a unique ability to ‘encourage silence and contemplation’.

It was organised by Sir James MacMillan, a Patron of the Latin Mass Society, whose article accompanies the letter in The Times, and is signed by another Patron, Lord Moore of Etchingham (Charles Moore).

Sir James MacMillan comments:

The people who have signed this letter are an impressively mixed bunch! Catholics, Protestants, Jews, agnostics, atheists – all convinced that the Traditional Latin Mass is a thing of great beauty, wonder and awe, and a profound shaper of our culture, one way or another over the centuries. I stand with them in my appreciation of the form – ‘a cathedral of text and gesture’, which has given rise to great music and poetry through the ages. But it is as an observant and loyally practising Catholic that I wrote my cover article for The Times. If Rome were to do what is rumoured, it would be grossly unjust and make an utter mockery of ‘synodality’. And many observers outside the Church, in these difficult days of ideological and political tension, see this now as an issue of religious freedom. It is surely a mark of diversity, inclusion and equity that the Church can celebrate different rites – the Old Dominican rite, the liturgy of the Ordinariate, the rites of our eastern co-religionists, the Novus Ordo and, God willing, the Traditional Latin Mass.

Today’s letter references the petition of 1971, signed by 105 intellectuals, musicians, politicians, and cultural figures, which prompted Pope Paul VI to allow the continued celebration of the Traditional Mass. This permission applied at first only to England and Wales, but it was extended to the whole world in 1984. This permission is threatened today.

The 1971 petition was signed by many of the most prominent cultural figures of the day: not only Agatha Christie, but the Controller of Radio 3, the Director of the National Gallery, a former Director of Music at Westminster Cathedral, two Anglican bishops, the philosopher Iris Murdoch, the sculptress Barbara Hepworth, the soprano Joan Sutherland, the novelist Robert Graves, and many others. An earlier petition, in 1966, had been signed by Benjamin Britten and W.H. Auden; a later petition, in 2007, was signed by Franco Zeffirelli and René Girard.

The strong support for the Traditional Mass by non-Catholic cultural figures derives from its place in world culture. As the 1971 petition expressed it:

The rite in question, in its magnificent Latin text, has also inspired a host of priceless achievements in the arts— not only mystical works, but works by poets, philosophers, musicians, architects, painters and sculptors in all countries and epochs. Thus, it belongs to universal culture as well as to churchmen and formal Christians.

Full text of the Letter, with signatories

Latin Mass at risk


On July 6, 1971, The Times printed an appeal to Pope Paul VI in defence of the Latin Mass signed by Catholic and non-Catholic artists and writers, including Agatha Christie, Graham Greene and Yehudi Menuhin. This became known as the “Agatha Christie letter”, because it was reportedly her name that prompted the Pope to issue an indult, or permission, for celebration of the Latin Mass in England and Wales. The letter argued that “the rite in question, in its magnificent Latin text, has also inspired priceless achievements … by poets, philosophers, musicians, architects, painters and sculptors in all countries and epochs. Thus, it belongs to universal culture.”

Recently there have been worrying reports from Rome that the Latin Mass is to be banished from nearly every Catholic church. This is a painful and confusing prospect, especially for the growing number of young Catholics whose faith has been nurtured by it. The traditional liturgy is a “cathedral” of text and gesture, developing as those venerable buildings did over many centuries. Not everyone appreciates its value and that is fine; but to destroy it seems an unnecessary and insensitive act in a world where history can all too easily slip away forgotten. The old rite’s ability to encourage silence and contemplation is a treasure not easily replicated, and, when gone, impossible to reconstruct. This appeal, like its predecessor, is “entirely ecumenical and non-political”. The signatories include Catholics and non-Catholics, believers and non-believers. We implore the Holy See to reconsider any further restriction of access to this magnificent spiritual and cultural heritage.

Robert Agostinelli; Lord Alton of Liverpool; Lord Bailey of Paddington; Lord Bamford; Lord Berkeley of Knighton; Sophie Bevan; Ian Bostridge; Nina Campbell; Meghan Cassidy; Sir Nicholas Coleridge; Dame Imogen Cooper; Lord Fellowes of West Stafford; Sir Rocco Forte; Lady Antonia Fraser; Martin Fuller; Lady Getty; John Gilhooly; Dame Jane Glover; Michael Gove; Susan Hampshire; Lord Hesketh; Tom Holland; Sir Stephen Hough; Tristram Hunt; Steven Isserlis; Bianca Jagger; Igor Levit; Lord Lloyd-Webber; Julian Lloyd Webber; Dame Felicity Lott; Sir James MacMillan; Princess Michael of Kent; Baroness Monckton of Dallington Forest; Lord Moore of Etchingham; Fraser Nelson; Alex Polizzi; Mishka Rushdie Momen; Sir Andras Schiff; Lord Skidelsky; Lord Smith of Finsbury; Sir Paul Smith; Rory Stewart; Lord Stirrup; Dame Kiri Te Kanawa; Dame Mitsuko Uchida; Ryan Wigglesworth; AN Wilson; Adam Zamoyski

A PDF Version of this press release is available here

Full text of the 1971 Petition and its signatories, as it appeared in The Times on 6 th July 1971, here.

Additional signatories of the 1971 petition, published in Italy, here.

Full text of the 1966 Petition and its signatories, here.

Notes for Editors

The Latin Mass Society was founded in 1965 to support the continued celebration of the Catholic liturgy in the form it took at the eve of the Second Vatican Council: the ‘1962 Missal’ or Traditional Mass.

The 1971 petition and others like it were the subject of a major historical study published in 2023:

The Latin Mass and the Intellectuals: Petitions to Save the ancient Mass from 1966 to 2007, Edited by Joseph Shaw, with a preface by Martin Mosebach (more information here).

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Friday 8th November to Sunday 10 November 2024

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The program will include:

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Live in:  $220.00 (including two nights’ accommodation, all meals Friday and Saturday, breakfast Sunday, retreat costs and shuttle to St Paul’s chapel) per person.

Day attendance:  $50.00 per day (including lunch, morning and afternoon tea, retreat costs).  $100 for the full weekend.  If supper required on Saturday evening this will be an additional cost.

Day attendance without meals:  $20 for Saturday (retreat costs) $40 for the full weekend Friday to Sunday.

Payment:  Please make payment to the Latin Mass Society of New Zealand ANZ bank a/c no. 11-5438-0112907-11.  (If paying by Internet Banking please insert your name and “retreat”).

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As our first month of the Nine-Month Novena concludes and our second month begins, some of us may be experiencing the worst temptations from Satan to surrender and stop praying the Novena Prayer every day.

Throughout the days of the apparitions, Saint Juan Diego was subject to the temptations of Satan, who placed in him the doubt that he was worthy and capable of carrying out the directions and orders of the Heavenly Queen. After his first visit to the Bishop, he was convinced that only someone of higher social status could carry out Our Lady’s mission. In a rather eloquent way, he described his own lowliness to the Virgin Mother of God:

So I beg you, my Lady, my Queen, my little Girl, to have one of the nobles who are held in esteem, one who is known, respected, honored, have him carry on, take your venerable breath, your venerable word, so that he will be believed. Because I am really just a man from country, I’m the porter’s rope, I’m a backframe, just a tail, a wing; I myself need to be led, carried on someone’s back; there, where you sent me, it is not my place to go or to stay, my little Girl, my littlest Daughter, my Lady, my Girl. Please, excuse me, I will afflict your face, your heart; I will fall into your anger, your displeasure, my Lady Mistress (Nican Mopohua, nos. 54-56).

But the Mother of God, the Mother of Divine Grace, responded by confirming him as her messenger, assuring him that he, too, was called to carry out the mission of bringing God Incarnate to the world, to his brothers and sisters.

Our Lady of Guadalupe assured him that she has many upon whom to call for the mission of her messenger, but that Juan Diego has been called and, therefore, must trust that he can carryout the mission. She replies to him:

Listen my youngest son, know for sure that I have no lack of servants, of messengers, to whom I can give the task of carrying my breath, my word, so that they carry out my will; but it is necessary that you, personally, go and plead, that by your intercession, my wish, my will, become a reality. And I beg you, my youngest son, and I strictly order you, to go again tomorrow to see the Bishop. And in my name, make him know, make him hear my wish, my will, so that he will bring into being, he will build, my sacred house that I ask of him. And carefully tell him again how I, personally, the ever Virgin Holy Mary, I, who am the Mother of God, sent you as my messenger (Nican Mopohua, nos. 58-62).

In the battle for the truth, we must never give way to discouragement, which is always the first temptation of the devil. When we are tempted to be discouraged or to be defeated, let us recall the vision of the final victory of Christ’s Redemptive Incarnation, recounted in the Book of Revelation. In the vision, Satan is determined to destroy the “woman clothed with the sun” (Rv 12, 1) and her Son. But the Divine Son of Mary is “caught up to God and to his throne” (Rv 12, 5). Thus, He brings his victory over sin and death to its fullness. In fact, the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe which God left for us on the tilma (mantle) of Saint Juan Diego is the “woman clothed with the sun” who carries in her womb the Savior of the world.

Our Lady’s motherly words to Saint Juan Diego speak to us, too, as they reflect a fundamental truth of the faith: Christ’s dwelling with us in His holy Church, the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our souls, enables even the weakest person to carry out God’s will with heroic virtue. Only with the aid of God’s grace, through the intercession of Our Lady, Mediatrix of All Graces, will we persevere in this Novena and Consecration.

Cardinal Burke

Dear FIUV Members and Friends: the Summer 2024 edition of Gregorius Magnus has been published!

See the full publication here:


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Briefing from the Chairman

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Cancellation of Westminster Old Rite Triduum

The LMS has issued a press release about the cancellation of the TLM Easter Triduum in the Archdiocese of Westminster (reported in National Catholic RegisterCatholic HeraldThe Tablet). This celebration attracted up to 200 people and had been taking place for 25 years.

Here I want to reflect on how this lamentable development fits into the bigger picture.

The Triduum has not been formally refused permission by the Dicastery for Divine Worship (DDW): rather, Cardinal Nichols chose not to seek permission for it, as with the two annual Masses at the High Altar of Westminster Cathedral which served as the LMS’ annual requiem and AGM Mass. It seems that axing these celebrations is a concession on his part to the stated programme of Traditionis custodes, to close down the TLM, in stages.

One reading of this decision is that as annual events they are not as pastorally important as a weekly Sunday celebration, they are all particularly prominent. They can be sacrificed (as the Cardinal put it) ‘for the sake of the wider provision’.

The Cardinal has also suggested that the Latin Mass Society is not an appropriate body to make requests for a celebration under Traditionis custodes, not being a ‘stable group’. We of course represent ‘stable groups’, but that is his view, which is why the appeal against his initial decision came from a priest on behalf of the ‘stable group’ at the regular Sunday TLM in St James’, Spanish Place. However, this approach did not change the outcome.

Bishops around world are faced with the DDW policy of reducing the number of TLMs in parish churches. Surviving celebrations are permitted for two years, renewable on the condition that the people are ‘educated’ about the liturgical reform in the meantime. (I have yet to hear of any attempt to meet this condition.) Eac©2024 Latin Mass Society | 9 Mallow Street, London EC1Y 8RQh permission incurs a fee of €250.

In the meantime, new non-parochial TLMs continue to be established, often at the behest of the DDW, to substitute for parish locations. Is the policy to eliminate the TLM, or simply to exclude it from parish churches? In the Archdiocese of Westminster, where there are few non-parochial churches, it comes to the same thing, but that is not so everywhere.

Another complicating factor is the different treatment of diocesan clergy and the traditional Institutes; yet another derives from the varying attitude of bishops. The overall effect of the policy is therefore very uneven.

In the meantime, with apologies for the inconvenience, our policy of providing information about Mass times only to members is clearly the right one. Non-members who want to see where the Triduum will be celebrated in England and Wales need to join us: if, that is, they share our aims.

The Latin Mass Society was founded as a campaigning organisation, and we remain that. We will continue to expose the injustice and destructiveness of the current policy, and to support celebrations of the Church’s ancient liturgy wherever we can. This liturgy is every Catholic’s patrimony: as Pope Benedict expressed it: “What earlier generations held as sacred, remains sacred and great for us too, and it cannot be all of a sudden entirely forbidden or even considered harmful.”

Joseph Shaw sig

©2024 Latin Mass Society | 9 Mallow Street, London EC1Y 8RQ
















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Sons of the Most Holy Redeemer

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