The Latin Mass Society of New Zealand


T H E  P R I E S T L Y  F R A T E R N I T Y  O F  S T  P E T E R


Since the foundation of the Fraternity of St Peter in 1988, we have been blessed with consistent enrollments of seminarians in both our major seminaries: Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary, Nebraska, and St Peter’s Seminary in Wigratzbad. Given that a notable proportion of these men were from Australia and Asia, the Fraternity decided to found a novitiate house of studies in Sydney, in order to give them an opportunity to discern their vocations closer to home. Since Ezechiel House first opened its doors in 2004, we have already had four   priestly ordinations. Further to that, at present four of our   seminarians are continuing their studies at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary and three new novices have recently joined us in Sydney.


The four seminarians continuing their formation in the USA are  Thomas Sofatzis, from Sydney, and, from New Zealand, Daniel Mould, Brendan Boyce, and Roger Gilbride.

Thomas, Brendan and Roger received the Minor Orders of Porter and Lector on 21 November and they are all doing very well in seminary. They will complete their philosophical studies mid next year and then begin the four year cycle of theology.



The path leading to the altar takes at least seven years. While it is a grace to be blessed with vocations, it creates a unique financial obligation to the FSSP in the Australian Region, where the majority of our annual budget goes towards the formation of our seminarians.

We are already planning our next biennial fundraising dinner for mid-2016, but this will only cover costs of those studying overseas. We also need to raise funds for our weekly expenses back home at Ezechiel House. Our first-year seminarians have asked for support from their respective Latin Mass communities of origin, but we also need to turn to the wider Catholic community for assistance. We ask you to prayerfully consider contributing to this very important work of the formation of good and holy priests for the future of the traditional Mass. God is never outdone in generosity and we pray that He richly reward you for supporting our vocations.